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After 2 Months..

It's been 2 months since I've been inside a recording booth. Last week, I agreed to do a project in a studio in Makati.

Oh my god.

It felt good to just be inside the booth. I literally screamed "AHHHHHHHH!!!! PUTANGINA! NASA LOOB AKO NG STUDIOOOOO!" (Sonofab*tch! I'm inside a studiooooo!)

I was scared, and I won't probably do it again in the coming months. Our health must be out top priority over anything. Right now, I'm busy setting up my own home studio. Taking on dubbing projects looks very promising. The system is not perfect yet, but I know that the process will improve as time goes by.

Mac Gyver Studio as I call it.

I can't wait to build a more presentable studio set up, but for now, this works like magic, and that is the most important thing.

Cheers to all voice actors who are struggling, fighting, doing everything that they can to adapt.

We can do this!


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