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Ready? Kilig!

Hello! It's been a while!

I've been busy working on Korean dramas since February and March, and when the ECQ (Season 2!) started this April, I had time to work on a personal project. It's been years since I last worked on a personal project, something artistic. We

published an independent comic book which we launched at Komikon in 2012 . We had a great run, then all the members, Sab (mustardworld in IG), Kat (artemist_ph and tattoooieph in IG), and I, got so busy with our respective crafts.

Years after retiring the Salmon Komiks banner, I am soooo excited to post this YouTube channel: The Kilig Pill, Your Dose of Romance. Enjoy, gush (not the nosebleed type) and fall in love with beautifully written romantic stories as narrated by yours truly.

In these trying times, this project is my way to promote hope and happiness to everyone who finds it difficult to even crack a smile. Get The Kilig Pill to once again believe that love in time of COVID is possible. Think of it as your weekly supplement to recharge your weary heart.

This coming May 2021, I am proud to present our first offering from the iconic Stallion Series featuring Jubei Bernardo. Watch out for two chapters every week to indulge in your needed dose of romance.

Stay safe, always!


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